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A & A Lock & Key is San Diego's first choice for all your Auto, Residential, and Commercial locksmith services.

In addition to providing you with the full range of locksmith services, we give our customers the confidence that we'll get there fast, and that we'll be there for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 52 weeks a year.

Our locksmiths will come to your home, business or to your car for emergencies and non-emergencies alike. We'll replace lost auto keys, fix broken ignitions, repair locks, rekey locks in your auto, home or business, master key systems, and much much more...

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call mobile locksmithWhen you deal with A & A Lock & Key, you do so with the confidence that you're dealing with the best in the business.

We've been in business since 2000.. We have the experience and know-how to cover most all of your lock or key needs.

Lock Replacement in San Diego County

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When it comes to your home and business, A & A Lock & Key service is about more than helping you unlock a door if you lose your keys. Most cities are no longer as safe as they once were. Increasing crime rates, particularly in burglary cases, make it more important than ever that you take measures to protect your home and business. Unsecured doors and windows and poorly lit areas can provide the perfect opportunity for thieves. We can help you to secure keep unwanted intruders out of your Auto Home or Business.

Home & Business Security Locks

It's important to replace your locks if you lose your keys to your home or business. san diego rekey serviceLosing your keys can prove to be a possible security issue for your business, your home and your family. It's possible that your keys were not just lost, but were possibly stolen. It's a great idea to call us to rekey or reprogram new keys just in case. It's simply a matter of peace of mind.

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Full Mobile Locksmith Service - We Come to You!

Yes, as good as it gets, even in a bad situation. Will made a bad situation better. Super knowledgeable, efficient, diligent, and right to the point. He won't waste your time, and that is for sure. It's said "what happens in Las Vegas, STAYS in Las Vegas"....but NOT my KEYS! Ouch. What a weekend. As I was exiting the cab on my way home from the airport, I discovered my car keys had somehow fallen under the "stay in Vegas" rule. Will made a key for my car the next day, and although it was two sided key with tons of notches, he came through very responsibly. Before committing, I checked his prices, and his rates are really competitive, especially considering the high caliber of service and trustworthiness. You don't want a burnt out locksmith having a copy of your car key, much worse, a key to your home. He's on the up and up. He was also referred / recommended to me by a professional in his own industry. He gets a five star, and on my next trip to Vegas, I won't take anything I'm not willing to leave there! Including money! J

My friends and I were at the beach, I went for my keys that were suppose to be on my towel they were lost somewhere in the sand. We looked for over an hour for my keys with no luck. My friend Dan suggested that I call Will at A&A Lock and Key I did and I was on my way home in no time at all. Thanks all!!! Amber M.

My elderly mother was unable to unlock her front door due to something being wedged into lock. We placed a call to A&A Lock and Key with his prompt response my mother was in her home safe. I spoke with my mother the next morning she said A&A Lock and Key representative was very respectful, courteous, friendly, cost effective and made her feel at ease. Thank you!! Sandy J.

I lost my keys to my car phoned A&A Lock and Key Will was at my home in about an hour made me a new set of keys and I was on my way without having to wait while the dealership made the key. Melissa S.