Broken Key Extraction from Vehicles

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A & A Lock & Key provides Expert key Extraction services for Home, Business and Auto. Wear and tear sometimes causes keys to break off in the lock. If the key is not stuck too far in, we should be able to extract it without replacing the lock. In some cases, replacing the lock or taking it completly apart to get the broken key is the only way to remove it but this is rare.. The moment your key breaks and the broken part gets stuck inside the lock, do not fret too as we can settle everything for you. We will remove the stuck key part using tools for removing keys. These tools enable us to perform the extraction without inflicting any damage to locks. This is VERY common, but we can get 90% of them out quick and easy. (The other 10%, not so quick or easy). Expert Key Extraction Locksmith Services throughout San Diego County. Call 619.255-9906 for a fast locksmith solution!!

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